About Coorparoo

About Coorparoo

Everything You Need To Know About Living In Coorparoo

LJ Hooker Coorparoo is located at the heart of Coorparoo. Our address is 326 Old Cleveland Road, Coorparoo and you can find us here:



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There is a large variety of sports played in and around Coorparoo and the surrounding suburbs. If you are looking to join one, then please see the following two websites for all your sporting needs.

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Coorparoo History

On Saturday 29th of November 1825, Lieutenant John Oxley entered the northern section of Moreton Bay at the southern point of Bribie Island, known ten as Skirmish Point.
On Tuesday the 2nd December, he entered the mouth of the Brisbane river and he spent the day exploring, and was presently surprised when he went far enough up, to establish that the water becomes “perfectly fresh”.
It was his return the next year in September 1924, that a site close to Redcliffe Point was chosen for settlement.
On Thursday the 16th of September, he embarked upon the beginning of a survey of the river which would take approximately 14 days.
The next week or so were spent exploring Moreton Bay and the its islands.
It’s believed that Oxley’s first landing was close the spot where Custom House now stands, The first buildings were commenced close to the position of the Victoria Bridge.
The first commandment was Captain Miller followed by Captain Bishop, however the greatest part of construction was during Captain Logan’s rule from 1825 to 1830.
The municipality of Brisbane was proclaimed in 1858. It was divided into 4 wards in 1864. Overtime further subdivisions of the wards took place as the population grew and the size of the city also grew.
The shire of Coorparoo was constituted a municipality by Order in Council in the gazette of 27th October 1888.
In 1924 the State Parliament passed the City of Brisbane Act to set up a single Government in Brisbane. This grouped 20 local authorities.
At the time Coorparoo was one of the most progressive, with 280 buildings erected in 1923 alone. Housing allotments has shot up in price from 20 pound - 35 pound to 80 pound to 100 pound in a reasonable short time. With the expectation of the arrival of the tram, brought in continued growth in prices.
With that, the suburb was well and truly boom, with growth now extending beyond its boundaries.

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